About the Awards

Awards to inspire and reward women entrepreneurs in tech

The Techpreneurs Awards for Women were founded in 2014 with the objective of encouraging women to set up their own tech-related businesses and praising existing women tech entrepreneurs. The Awards are strictly non-profit.

The 2014 Awards were a great success with 65 entries from women of all ages and many different parts of the country. Over 30 of the original entries passed through to the second round. Very good press coverage, including articles in The Evening Standard and Computer Weekly, as well as a high level of response on social media contributed to the success of the 2014 Awards. 

Entries for the 2015 Awards are now open. Please get in touch at to secure a ticket or apply for one of the Awards. 

The Awards were founded by Fiona Scott-Lazareff, CEO of real-time reservations platform Fiona is an entrepreneur, publisher, writer, sportswoman and pilot who hosted the 2014 Awards.

Fiona Scott Lazareff

Fiona Scott Lazareff

“Unfortunately the word “tech” and the idea of starting a business often conjures up images of alien stereotypes: usually male! Yet skills such as marketing, design, sales and team leadership are often just as important. So if you don’t consider yourself to be an expert in MYSQL or PHP or in ROI’s and cash flows, don’t worry: all you need is the ability to find the right people who are.”
There is nothing new about the movement to encourage more women into tech jobs where there are jobs to be filled and a painfully low percentage of women filling them – what is different about these Awards is the idea of encouraging women to actually start their own businesses.
I also believe as the CEO of, and the mother of five children, that launching a tech-related company can be the perfect way for women to combine exciting work with bringing up, and looking after a family.”

Fiona Scott-Lazareff, Founder of the Awards

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